Aims and spectrum of therapy


We as a team put you as our patient in the centre of focus. You will be guided by us on your way to be cured and we will assist you in the process of healing.

By means of innovative and modern procedures, as well with proven methods, we will find to an individual concept of treatment for your trouble.

We specialize in treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries; strain injuries and chronic wear of major and small joints, as well as surgical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

The following gives an overview of a selection of clinical pictures:

impingement syndrome
calcified tendonitis
rotator cuff tear
stiff shoulder
Knee: chronic meniscal tear
repair of acute meniscal tear
cartilage repair (micro fracture, cartilage transplant, OATS)
cruciate ligament repair
patella dislocation
Foot: bunion
small toe deformities
heel spur
haglunds heel
achilles tendon (acute tear, chronic tendonitis)
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